How Much Does The New iPad Air Weigh?

According to Apple, the iPad mini Wi-Fi with Retina Display weighs 1 pound. The iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular with Retina Display weighs 1.05 pounds.


  • Guest

    The image says iPad Air but this article says iPad mini…

    • john

      Zagg Writer Fail…

  • Zagg Fan

    Idiotic pointless article. Zagg, please just stop.

  • Ron7624

    I have a rMini at .7 lb. I have an Air at 1.0 lb. I have a 3 at 1.4 lb.
    The 3 is heavy to hold. The Air is noticeable after a while and the rMini is very easy to hold for long periods of time.

  • TooMuchToCarry

    Not pointless if you are a bacpacker, every gram or ounce counts!

  • OGgirl105

    What about the iPad air