How To Access Hidden Keyboard Functions On iPad

I’m always a huge fan of anything that will help me to be more efficient.  In this case, using your iPad just got easier thanks to DetroitBORG.  This short video teaches you how to access different letter language options (if only a regular keyboard was this easy!), access website shortcuts, and

The Basics:

  • Begin by going to Settings, Keyboard.
  • Enable all four options (Auto-Correction, Auto-Capitalization, Enable Caps Lock, Shortcut).
  • Ready to go!
  • For Caps Lock, touch the up arrow twice
  • For a period at the end of a sentence, hit the space bar twice
  • Apostrophe shortcut – hold the key with Exclamation Mark and Comma on it and swipe up
  • For other symbols without having to switch screens, test each key to find hidden capabilities (swipe up)
  • For different vowel and consonant letter options (typically for foreign language), hold the letter and swipe to the appropriate letter

For a simple video tutorial, watch DetroitBORG’s explanation below.

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  • Lori

    How do I find the “degrees” (as in weather) symbol on my Zagg keyboard?