How To Add Creative Designs To Instagram Posts

Ever wonder how people create those cool Instagram photos with the inspirational quotes and the designed backgrounds and the unique fonts? Well, at least some of them are probably using Studio Design.

It’s an app for iOS and Android that gives you the creative means to design your own boxy pieces of wisdom to share with your Instagram followers, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

First things first: download the app. After you create an account, you can get started.

  • Choose your canvas. You can take a photo to start, select a photo from your phone, or start with a blank canvas. I chose a photo from my recent trip to Japan.
  • Position the photo on your canvas and change things up. You can zoom in, move it around, change the vibrancy, lighting, and add a filter.
  • Add some overlays. The starter pack includes text, shapes, crops, lines, textures, frames, and a bunch more. You can also purchase additional packs for more options. Don’t like the option you chose? Click “Swap” to change the style of your text or a different border.
  • Each overlay has its own features. Add shadows, change the size or color, and much more. Experiment!
  • Once you’re done, select “Finish.” Publish your work in Studio Design, then share it with your social networks with just a few more clicks.

You can also “remix” another’s artwork, which means you get their overlay elements but get to make changes to their work to make it yours. Now people will be regramming your uniquely designed posts in no time!

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  • Rebecca

    I’ve been using this app for a while. Great app; highly recommend! The overlays are what really create the best designs, and they seem to always have some packs for free or sponsored at any given time. You can unlock a vast majority of them for free with a little patience.