How To Build A Digital Resume

Sumry allows you to build a résumé for the digital age.

Sumry allows you to build a résumé for the digital age.

Applying for jobs has never been this fun—or this beautiful.

A cool little website called Sumry allows you to build a gorgeous, built-for-the-digital-age résumé quickly and easily using their intuitive online tools. Using a beautiful scrolling feature to lure potential employers in, Sumry separates your resume out not by education and work experience but rather your story, skills, personality, references, work, and contact info. They want people to see the real you.

Use the basic résumé template for free, or upgrade when your job search gets hot and heavy for only three bucks a month (cancel whenever). The website hosts your resume online so all you have to do is send out the link.

What does that three bucks get you?

  • Add as many points about yourself as you want
  • Brand your résumé with a cool cover photo
  • Apply for jobs through their system and receive real-time analytics about who has opened your e-mail and clicked through to view your résumé
  • Download your résumé so you can print hard copies

Check out an example, sign up to create your own, or see how the upgrade features work by watching the video below.

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