How To Customize The Alarm Clock On Nexus 4 With A Song From My Library

Are you wanting to wake up to your personal motivation theme song, but having a hard time figuring it out? It’s really easy, and doesn’t require purchasing an outside app.

Step 1: Connect your phone to your computer. Make sure you select “Connect as Media device (MTP).

Nexus 4 Media Device

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Mac Users – You will need to download Android File Transfer for this. It is free and very simple to use. This just enables you to get into the Nexus 4 folders via your computer.

Android File Transfer

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Windows Users – Nothing extra is needed.

Step 2: Open Android File Transfer (For Windows Users it’s just the Nexus 4 Folder) and find the “Alarms” folder.

Nexus 4 Folders

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Step 3: Drag the song or sound file you want to use into this folder.

Nexus 4 Alarm Folder

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Step 4: Disconnect from Computer. (Not necessary to see if it worked, but you are no longer required to be connected).

Step 5: On Nexus 4, go into Settings, Sound, and Phone Ringtone. The file you put in the folder is now on the list

Nexus 4 Alarms Screenshot

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Nexus 4 Alarm Screenshot

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If you want to start your ringtone in the center of the song or the chorus you’ll need to edit the sound file before you put it in the Ringtone folder. I just do this in Garage Band.

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  • TrigonalPyramidal

    just an FYI about ‘connect as media device’ – that is under ‘settings’ -> ‘storage’. couldn’t find it myself so I consulted an online forum!

  • Sp3cialL

    There is an easyer way to do this
    Step 1: Download file manager from the play store
    Step 2: Find the folder media
    Step 3: Copy the wanted song (by holding on it and then copy)
    Step 4: Find the folder Alarms or Ringtones (the one you need)
    Good luck and enjoy Sp3cialL :)

  • G

    What If u it’s ur parents and not allowed on it