How to Enable (Or Disable) DMs from Your Twitter Followers

For a few weeks now, Twitter has given you the option to opt-in to receive Direct Messages (DMs) from any of your followers, not just the ones you follow. For some reason, it just broke news today, with the blogosphere blowing up about it this morning. To be fair, a lot of the frustration is because of the anticipated increase in DM spam, something that has long plagued Twitter.

So, whether you want to enable this feature or disable it, here are the two steps to follow. This assumes you’re on a computer, not your mobile.

1. Click on the Settings gear and then select ‘Settings’.


2. That will load your Account Settings screen. Towards the bottom, you’ll see a check box to enable / disable the option to receive Direct Messages from any follower. Whatever your preference, you can indicate it here.


Click ‘Save’ at the bottom and you’re done. Don’t forget to click ‘Save’.


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  • Dan Martin

    What if it doesn’t give you that option? It’s not showing it on the profile that I have recently created.

  • The INDIEgator Magazine

    I was just noticing the same thing; I guess there’s no option anymore

  • ibrremote

    No such option to disable direct message in Twitter.

  • El León De Judá

    Why the hell did someone lie about that option being available on Twitter? I despise liars!

  • Bitchbetterhavemymoneh

    Guys this doesn’t even work on the freaking Twitter app and I don’t have s laptop. -_- very angry !!!