How To Instagram A Panorama

One of the great features that all smartphones are starting to incorporate these days is the ability to take a panoramic photo without having to manually and individually stitch each one together to create a panorama. Regardless of whether you use an iPhone or an Android phone, your Camera app probably has a Menu that enables it. But, once you have that perfectly crafted panoramic photo, how do you get it on Instagram, which crops everything to a square?

Luckily for you, there are a handful of free apps out there that let you letterbox your panoramic photo into a square so you can post it in its entirety to Instagram. On Android, I use one called Photo Grid. It isn’t as customized for doing this as a few other apps out there, and I use it primarily for combining multiple photos into one (which I’ll show you about in another post). However, it does the job just fine and I only have to have one extra app.

Uploading a Panoramic Photo to Instagram for Android

You can download Photo Grid from the Play Store here.

Step 1: Select your panoramic photo.

Step 2: If you want to do any cropping, do it here, then save the image.

Step 3: Upload to Instagram as usual.

Uploading a Panoramic Photo to Instagram for iPhone

You can download Squaready from the App Store here.

For iOS, my favorite app for converting panoramic photos to square for Instagram is Squaready. It’s also free, but has a premium version.

Follow the same process as the Photo Grid app for Android. Choose the photo you want to covert, select your size / cropping, add a background color if you don’t like white, save it to your Camera Roll, then upload in Instagram as usual.


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