How To Keep Track Of Business Contacts With Days App

Sometimes I find large conferences overwhelming.  With thousands of potential contacts milling about, leading to numerous new friends and business opportunities, I also find it hard to properly organize and keep track of each new relationship.

Say hello to the Days app, by Wander.  I previously wrote about Days but focused on using the app to chronicle your days in a more traditional way.  In a random twist of fate, I met Keenan Cummings, Days co-founder and creative director, at a dinner for AltSummit in New York after writing the post.  In the same twist of fate, I ran into Susan Petersen, of Freshly Picked, the following morning which led to this post.

Susan was the genius who introduced me to this thoughtful way of utilizing Days for business.  And to be frank, Susan is extremely successful and a power-connector, so if this works for her, it will work for you.

Cutting to the chase – how can Days help you with business contacts? The Days app organizes your day with time stamps.  This will help you to better organize not only who you met through visuals but also associate a timeline with your encounters.

Best practice?  You choose the order but do these two steps in close succession.  Take a photo of your new contact and then take a photo of their business card.  Enter any relevant notes, and you’re done! Now you can remember a name, face, why they matter to you, and any personal details that are relevant.  If you choose, you can also share these moments with coworkers or anyone else who might make sense. Happy networking!

Alison J. Herzog is an eater, shopper, traveler, and most of all, a proud mama to Baby Zog. She pays for these by working as a social media strategist. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram or at In The Land Of Zog and catch ramblings about all of the above.

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