How To Make Chores Fun With My Job Chart

As a parent, the choice between pushing children to do chores and just doing them yourselves can be a difficult one.  Battles over what is fair, if a chore has been done properly, or when a chore must be done by can be exhausting.  And frankly, most of the time it’s easier to just do it yourself.  But then where will your kids be when they’re 20, with a roommate in college?  Will they end up as the smelly, wreck of a roommate or the responsible, adult roommate?

Not to mention your children will learn the value of hard work and a dollar all at once.

My Job Chart was created by Gregg Murset, a financial planner from Arizona who has six kids of his own.  The site allows you and your children to track exactly what chores need to be done and have been done.  And here’s where the dollars come into play.  For each chore, you can designate a point system.  Points can be converted into rewards.  A child can create a goal or wish list on Amazon and after they have achieved the necessary points for the item, the child can select the item and Amazon will send you an email for approval.  Once approved, the gift is sent to your child.

I don’t know about you, but I’m all about tools that make my life easier and teach my children real world skills.  There’s no such thing as “buying on credit” on My Job Chart.  Hard work over time equals achievement.  Sounds like a win to me.  Old-fashioned thinking, I know, but we could use more of it.

The site is free, children and parents each have their own logins, and mobile apps are available as well. S’amuser!

Alison J. Herzog is an eater, shopper, traveler, and most of all, a proud mama to Baby Zog. She pays for these by working as a social media strategist. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram or at In The Land Of Zog and catch ramblings about all of the above.

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    Does the website charge the parent’s amazon account?