How To Make Sure People Know You Have An iPhone 4S

The day is finally here! You can now get the super powered iPhone. The reviews are in and it seems one thing is very clear, the iPhone 4S looks exactly like the iPhone 4. When you get your iPhone 4S today and take it out and about tonight don’t be surprised when no one recognizes that you have a new iPhone. When you hold it up to your friends and say check out what I got, they will probably look at your I think, “Cool… I have had my iPhone 4 for a year already.”

Other then a new antenna layout and a few internal modifications the only big difference will be Siri. You could approach your friend with Siri already open and ask her what iPhone she is on. You also could strictly use Siri in public so people can will see how cool you are that your phone can now talk back to you. That may not be the easiest plan but it may work. May I suggest one way to share with the world your excitement of your new iPhone 4S .

How about placing a ZAGGskin on your iPhone that will not only protect it from scratches but that will show the world you have the a new device. I spent some time in the ZAGGskin creator and put together a few designs that I think would help everyone know exactly what iPhone your have.

How would you show everyone that you have an iPhone 4S? Let’s see your ZAGGskin creations.

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