How To Personalize Your Doorbell Ring

Remember the first time you were able to customize your phone’s ringtone? It was amazing. Old school or new school, from the Beach Boys to Beyoncé, you were finally able to show your personal style and flair through your music.

In fact, it seems like we can personalize just about anything these days. But when it comes to your house, the place that you can really design for your own tastes, you have that generic old ding-dong doorbell sound carrying through the hallways when your guests arrive. Boring. Blah. Blasé. And certainly not personal.

MP3 DJ Doorbell

Get rid of that boring ding-dong doorbell with this.

Luckily, a company saw the opportunity this presented and has come up with a solution: the MP3 DJ Doorbell. For 50 bucks, you can install this customizable, wireless doorbell that will play your favorite songs when someone comes a ‘calling.

Here are the details:

  • The DJ Doorbell comes with a built-in 90MB memory, which can store about 25 songs/MP3s
  • Upload the songs to the device from your computer through a USB cable (included)
  • Runs on three AA batteries
  • Includes software so you can edit MP3s and adjust the songs to your liking
  • Built-in speaker

You can essentially customize every aspect of your life. Why not your doorbell?

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