How To Prank Someone With A Prank Trimmer App [VIDEO]

There are a few prank trimmer apps available for iPhone and Android [iPhone] [Android]. The apps simply play the sound of an electric hair trimmer. When used properly, it’s an excellent tool for pulling pranks. Watch the video above to see it in action.

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  • Allan Richardson

    What’s next, a prank gunshot app? Guaranteed to get you shot with a real gun!

    At least he tried that prank on his girlfriend/wife. Try sneaking up behind a 300 pound biker with long hair and pulling that one! You and your phone could both end up dead, or at least in the hospital.

    • Antonio Jimenez

      Are you 300 lb biker?

      • Allan Richardson

        No, and I would never sneak up and pull a prank on anyone with the ability to beat me up or SHOOT me. If you are a biker with a kind, gentle personality, I apologize to you, but I would not want to meet you the first time by pretending to start cutting your hair. Or by doing anything that MIGHT induce you to fight me.

        • Antonio Jimenez


  • Andrew

    Awesome way to not get laid

  • Joe_Bunda

    In the immortal words of Sgt. Hulka in “Stripes”: “Lighten up, Francis.” Andrew and especially Allan need to realize that this app is for someone you *know*. Dig? ‘Course yinz can! My work is done here! Carry on smartly!

  • Ddubb’n it

    Are all 3 of you really that lame In life.