How To Put Movies On Your Nexus Device

Google Play MoviesAlthough the screens on our phones are small, they are getting bigger and nicer.  Every now and then, you might find it useful to have a movie to help pass the time.

Obviously the best and easiest way is to purchase the digital copies from the Play Store. You’ll have access to your movies on any of your devices, and you can choose whether to pin them or stream.  Pinning will put the movie directly on to your device. It will take up storage space but won’t use data while you watch.

To access movies you’ve purchased from the Play Store, go to the app Play Movies & TV. You can also get there from opening the Play Store and selecting the tab Movies & TV.  Open the side bar and click My Movies & TV.

If you’ve got digital copies of other movies that you’d like to transfer over to your phone or tablet (the best format will be Mp4, but ), that is also a simple process.  Just plug your phone in to your computer and Connect as Media Device.  (On the notification drop down menu it will say either connected as media device or Connected as camera.  To change the option just click on it and check the correct box.)

Nexus 5 Screen Shot

When you open the phone drive you’ll see a list of folders.  Just drag and drop your Movie into the Movies folder.

Nexus 5 Folders

To access your movie from your phone, go to Gallery.  Yes, you read that right.  It’ll be in the “Movies” album.  I try to avoid downloading apps unnecessarily, but you can also download an app that will organize your movies so you don’t have to go to the Gallery.  Double Twist, MX Player, or any of the other Movie Players in the Play Store will organize multiple movies.  The individual apps vary slightly, so it just depends on preference.  It also depends on what format your movies are in.  Android Video Player is compatible with quite a few formats.

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