How To Quickly Clear Your Mac’s Screen With Hot Corners

I have a problem.  What is my problem? Multi-tasking times infinity.  I regularly have a bare minimum of 20 browser windows, Excel docs, Power Point presentations, PDF’s, and other applications all open and running at the same time.  This means when I need to clear my desktop, it takes awhile.

Enter solution.

Hot Corners: I discovered them about a year ago and have been a huge fan ever since.  You can choose from nine different options to activate with your “hot corner.”  Designate what action you want to occur with the related corner and when your mouse hovers upon the corner, said action will occur.  Extremely convenient and a great time-saver.

Here are your step-by-step instructions:

  1. Open your System Preferences
  2. Select Desktop & Screensaver
  3. Choose Screensaver at the top
  4. Click Hot Corners on the lower right
  5. Choose the appropriate corners and action (Start Screensaver, Disable Screensaver, Mission Control, Applications Windows, Desktop, Dashboard, Notification Center, Launchpad, Put Display to Sleep)
  6. Ta-da! You’re done.  Close out and test by swiping your mouse in the appropriate direction.

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