How To: Read Magazines for Free on Your Phone/Tablet at Any Airport

Entertaining yourself at an airport—and in the air—just got a whole lot easier…and lighter. Gone are the days when you had to bring reading material to keep your mind occupied during your travels. Now, there’s Inflight Reader, an app for iOS and AndroidInflight Reader devices.

This free app recognizes when you’re in more than 550 airports across the US, as well as 30 select international locations. Inflight Reader unlocks a library of magazine titles for you to download to your devices and read within 24 hours, so you can read while you’re at the airport waiting, as well as in the air.

The app also allows you to save time by downloading magazines at home to be unlocked for reading when you reach an airport. All content is free to read for one full day. If you get into something and want to continue reading longer, you have the option of buying a single issue of the magazine within the app.

Using the app is simple. After downloading it, create a free account. When you’re at the airport, open the app and sign in to begin reading for free. Download anything you like—you don’t need an Internet connection to read, only for the initial download of the content to your device.

Happy travels!

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