How To Record A Vine Hands Free With An iPhone

Chances are you’ve seen the above Vine, or Vines like it, where you wonder how the user created a portion of the Vine without touching their screen. Here’s a few steps to get you recording Vines hands-free.

  • On an iPhone open your Settings app. Once you’re in, go to General -> Accessibility -> Assistive Touch
  • Turn on Assistive Touch and you will see a black transparent square with a white button in the middle. iOS has added this feature incase your lock or home buttons stop working. You can also program touch commands using it.
  • When you’re in Assistive Touch, go to Create New Gesture. You can touch anywhere on the screen, but the video tutorial suggests you place it right in the middle. Touch your screen and you will see a progress bar as you hold your finger on your screen. Hold it as long as the progress bar allows, and name and save your gesture.
  • Open up Vine, go to record, then tap your new Assistive Touch icon on your screen. Enter Favorites and select your new, custom touch. A blue circle should show up, tap it and let go and your Vine should start recording hands-free! Now go and amaze your friends with your new Vine magic trick.

Watch the video below for a step by step tutorial.


  • Garrett

    Can you put the link becuase all the ones I find says 17 years or older