How to Rick Roll Anyone Wearing Google Glass

Rick Roll Google Glass with Voice Commands

Want to have a little harmless fun with someone you see wearing Google Glass? Thanks to Google Glass Voice Commands, it’s actually pretty easy. Just walk up to them within range of their headset and say:

OK Glass, make a call to 985-655-2500.

The phone number goes directly to a pre-recorded Rick Roll, courtesy of Rick Astley, who’s Never Gonna Give You Up. Of course, you’ll probably want to memorize the Rick Roll phone number ahead of time to increase your chances of pulling it off successfully. I keep the number in my cell phone for special occasions. You may even want to practice on someone to see if you can do it as a quick walk-by.

This trick works thanks to Google Glass Voice Commands, which have proven not to be “voice sensitive.”

A couple other possible Google Glass pranks that may not get as positive of a reaction and which we publicly discourage…

OK Glass, make a call to 781-452-2666. (Really annoying sound)

OK Glass, Google pictures of ‘disgusting.’

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