How To Stop Google+ Strangers From Emailing You

Gmail IconLast week Google announced the new Google+ and Gmail integration which means people from Google+ can email Gmail users even if they don’t know their email address.

Since then, you’ve probably received an email that looks a bit like THIS that is explaining the new changes and what it means to us.  Google is trying to make it easier for people to connect, but everybody is getting worried that this means strangers are going to be emailing you all the time.

To protect yourself from this, you simply need to adjust your privacy settings to only allow people in your circles to email you.  It is likely that everybody in your circle already has your email address, but if they don’t then this is actually a nice feature.

If you still disagree, it’s really easy to opt out of the whole thing.  This can only be done from desktop mode (sorry mobile users).

Step 1: Go to your Gmail Settings.

Gmail Settings

Step 2: Scroll down to Email via Google+ and change option.

Google+ Emailing Options

Anybody from Google+: Pretty self explanitory.  Anybody from Google+ can email you even if they don’t know your email address.

Extended Circles: Friends of Friends. Somebody that has someone in their circle that is also in your circle can email you without knowing your email address.

Circles: If they are in your circles they can email you.  I recommend this option.

No One: For those of you that just don’t want to be bothered. This option is for you.

NOTE: The default setting on this is “Anybody from Google+”.  So you should probably get around to changing that soon.

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