How To Transfer Your Music From iTunes To Your Android Phone Or Tablet

So you’ve just gotten an Android phone, but all of your music is sitting in iTunes on your desktop and now seldom used iPod.  This used to be a much messier deal, but Google has since made putting your music on your Android phone so much easier.

Go to Google Play Music and download Music Manager.  Once installed, Music Manager will walk you through the process of uploading your music.  You’ll simply select where your music is stored (very easy if it’s all in iTunes), and whether you’d like to upload your podcasts as well.  Google will scan which songs you have, and if they already have them they will just put that song into your cloud.  This saves a lot of time in uploading.

You don’t have to sync all your music if you don’t want to.  Google has a limit of 20,000 songs, so if you’ve got more than that you’ll need to be more selective.  If that’s the case, you can choose which songs to upload by playlist.

Unfortunately, it is likely that not ALL of your music will be uploaded to Google’s cloud.  Remember back in the day when we couldn’t share music we purchased on iTunes?  Any song purchased from iTunes before 2009 will be encoded with a DRM lock which prevents you from using it anywhere outside of your iTunes account.  Most of the 100 songs that couldn’t upload from my account were audio books, so it wasn’t a big concern for me.  However, most of your music should make it’s way into Google Play.

Once your music is uploaded, you will be able to access it on your phone through the Music App.  You now have access to your music from almost any device that has the internet.  If you log into your Google account from a computer, phone, or tablet – your music will be there. To be able to access your tunes on a phone or tablet without using data to stream (no data is used if you are connected to WiFi), just “pin” down specific songs, playlists, albums, or artists.  These songs will then be downloaded to your device.  The little push pin is located at the top of the playlist on the right hand side.  You can pin and unpin any time, but make sure your settings only download the music to your phone while connected to WiFi if you want to avoid using too much data.  To do this just go to the Music App, Options, and Settings.

There is a box you can check that will auto upload music you add to iTunes.  Also, if you create a new playlist in iTunes it will be synced.  I did find that my play counts transferred to Google Play with original upload, but it does not add any additional play counts.  When you purchase Music From Google Play, you can add it to your iTunes by opening the Music Manager and going to the Download Tab.  It will download any new or free music you’ve added since the last time.

Now you’re good to go.  Enjoy!

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  • Linda Low

    How about getting android ringtones to iPhone?

    • Lizzie Robinson

      You mean the basic ringtones that come on your Android phone?

  • Frank

    Oh well. I’ll bookmark this tutorial until when Canada gets Google Play Music. :(

  • housry23

    I’ve been seeing more and more Android stuff on Zagg Blog. It’s about time!

  • Kaelyn

    Can you reverse this and add music from your android to your ipod?

  • Tereyaki

    Do you have to pay the $9.99 a month if you just want to use this app for moving my Itunes from my laptop to my android phone?

  • Polskder

    I just extract music from iTunes to pc and then go next.