How To Undo Incorrect Autocorrects On iOS

The autocorrect feature on iOS is great—until, inevitably, it “learns” something that’s wrong. And then you spend half your texting time trying to fix what it’s already tried to, well, fix.

This can be extremely frustrating. If you’re at the end of your rope and desperate to stop the madness, there is a way to fix the mistakes your phone has learned without getting rid of autocorrect entirely. But you’ve got to start from the beginning.

Go to Settings>General>Reset. There, you’ll find the option to “Reset Keyboard Dictionary.” If you have a passcode on your phone, you’ll be asked to enter it here. Your phone will warn you: “This will delete all custom words you have typed on the keyboard, returning the keyboard dictionary to factory defaults.” Stay strong and select Reset Dictionary. Sure, you may have to reteach your phone a few of your favorite slang words, but you won’t have to fix its awful, strange mistakes anymore either!

The good thing is, if you upgraded to iOS 7 (and who hasn’t?), you may have noticed that autocorrect is getting a little smarter. For example, before, if you meant “hell,” you’d get autocorrected to “he’ll” and have to fix it manually. Now, it will still change “we’ll” to “well”…but if you continue to type your sentence with its original meaning, autocorrect will fix its incorrect changes automatically, or suggest a change. These small changes aren’t groundbreaking, but they do show that autocorrect is becoming more refined.