How To Use Google Now To Help You Lose Weight

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We all know the hard it is to make healthy food choices, and the added difficulty if you are constantly on the go. There are so many apps available to help you track your calories. Did you know that you can ask Google Now about nutritional information? No need to download a separate app at all.

Ask “How many calories in…?”

Google Now Cookie Calories

You can change the serving size to get more accurate numbers, and of course you have the option of browsing links with this additional information.

There is also a comparison option. So if you need to choose between 2 sides, you can see which one is a better choice.

Ask “compare…to…?”

Google Now Calorie Comparison

Google Now Comparison

I tried several different options. When I got specific (like McDonald’s McFlurry or Starbucks Frappuccino), the results were just web pages with these statistics. If I stuck with generic food without a brand name, most of the time I received a card or comparison like those shown above.

Google Now comes pre installed on your Android Phone (Android 4.1 or newer), but it is also available for download on iTunes.

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