How To Use Hidden Snapchat Filters

Blow your friends away by using Snapchat’s hidden filters. You can apply a black and white, sepia or negative effect to your pictures. Here’s a step by step guide that tells you how.

Step 1: Take a picture.

Step 2: In the caption, type “B&w…” for Black and White, or “Negative…”, or “Sepia…” Be sure to capitalize the first letter and leave out the quotation marks for each.

The picture should change to the desired effect

Step 3: Once the filter has been applied, you can delete the text and write whatever you want!

Bonus: If you’re feeling extra enthusiastic, you can even combine filters. To do so, after applying your first filter, delete the text and type in the corresponding text from Step 2. It will keep the original filter, but add another!

Here’s what negative and sepia look like combined.

Happy Snapping!


  • Sandi

    Wow, I just learned something new and exciting and can’t wait to share it with my daughter and niece, cuz they both are Snapchat Queens!

  • angelxofxbattle

    One issue is on the Windows 8 Nokia 920 The negative filter does not work any help with this?

  • kayleigh

    it doesnt work on my samsung s2 .. what do i do?

  • Shane

    Doesnt work on my iPod Touch 4th Gen

  • Ana Moreno

    If I don’t want my picture it to stay on negative, how can I change it to original colors?

  • Kate

    It’s doesn’t work for my iPad

  • sten

    Hey Shane, turn off your filters :)
    you can do it in options>manage

  • guih

    it doesnt work for my ihpone 6