How was your first iOS 5 over-the-air update experience?

With the update of iOS 5 back in October iOS device’s now have the option to update their device over the air. Apple has recently released iOS 5.0.1 and this gives you the first opportunity to update your iDevice over-the-air which is a quite a feat for the OS. I talked with so many people that had a horrible update experience when updating to iOS 5 and let’s hope that new way to update leaves user less stressed.

Just so everyone knows, especially the new iPhone 4/4S owners that have not previously owned a iOS device, to update you would have to plug in your device to the computer, download it and install it. Today for the first time users were able to check for the software update in their settings wherever they had Internet. Though this update was not an entire new OS it did ask me to plug in my device to save power while it downloaded. It quickly downloaded, installed, and then reset. When I say quickly it was about 15-20 minutes compared to the 2 hour iOS 5 update experience.

Now when I go into the settings I get to see this beautiful screen that tells me my software is up to date. I had a really pleasant experience with this first OTA update. I feel much better about the OS with this update than I did with the last one. It was also really nice being able to update while at work instead of waiting to get home to my computer tonight. Did your experience go as smoothly? Did it take time on 3G or did you make sure that you were connected to Wi-Fi?

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