This Man’s HTC Smartphone Stopped a Bullet and Saved His Life


What would have otherwise been a crime report followed by an obituary took a surprising turn for the best.

A Florida gas station robbery gone wrong left a store clerk with some chest pains. The suspect had fled the store when he realized the employees couldn’t gain access to the safe. As he ran out of the store, he fired a single gunshot towards the clerks and disappeared. When the police arrived, one of the clerks complained of  chest pains and upon further examination, found the bullet lodged in HTC EVO 3D he was carrying in his shirt pocket (photo above). As you’d expect, the bullet annihilated the phone, but prevented it from actually hitting the man.

HTC caught wind of the story and sprung into action. They’re sending the man a “Glad You’re OK” care package, including a brand new HTC One and a slew of accessories. While it’s certainly a text book publicity move, it’s still great to see the company helping a loyal customer out. The EVO 3D has largely been derided as a horrible phone, so this will be a much welcome upgrade. Just don’t try this at home.



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