HTC Thunderbolt Sells for $130 on Amazon

If you are a new Verizon customer, you were in luck over the weekend. Verizon was offering new customers the opportunity to buy the HTC Thunderbolt, Verizon’s new super-phone, for only $130 this past weekend. The deal was set to end Monday at midnight. Those who were lucky enough to cash in on this deal saved over $120 off of the regular purchase price.

The Thunderbolt is Verizon’s highly touted new smart-phone for its 8 megapixel camera, snapdragon OS and the supposed “blazing” speeds on the LTE network. The deal was a result of an increased effort by Amazon to vamp up their phones sales and lure present and future phone customers to the site.

Personally, I have always used Amazon to buy a back-up phone if one of mine breaks or gets lost. In general, the deals online are usually dramatically cheaper than what they can offer you in the store. It should be interesting to see if this was more of a one-time occurrence, or if we will see phone-makers and phone companies head towards more of a partnership with the online marketplace.


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  • Beaver3113

    Snapdragon is a processor, not an OS. Android is the OS