Hulu Plus Is Now Available On Chromecast

The wait is over. Hulu Plus joins the lineup of apps available to stream on Chromecast. Now you can stream all of your favorite shows from select TV networks, as well as movies straight to your TV with the Chromecast device. Hulu Plus joins YouTube and Netflix as streamable services through Chromecast, as well as Internet browsing through Google Chrome on your Mac or PC.

USA Today reports other services rumored to join are Pandora and HBO, although HBO still says no. USA Today also describes how Hulu Plus will function within Chromecast:

The Chromecast solution on Hulu Plus features a custom remote control that has all the basic functionality of play/pause, along with the 10-second rewind of the Hulu video player. Viewers can also enable captions or go straight to a favorite TV moment, such as Mindy’s proposal on The Mindy Project, the company says.

Hulu Plus is a subscription based service that will cost you $7.99 a month. It’s well worth the price if you you’re not very good at watching shows when they air, or you always forget to set your DVR.

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