Humbling True Story: ZAGGsparq Helps Save A Life

Our CEO recently received the following email about the ZAGGsparq. We publish it with permission from the author…

Dear Mr. Pedersen,

I would like to extend a sincere thank you for your excellent products. ZAGG has always been a part of my daily life protecting my phones, ipods, and other gadgets. However, ZAGG not only saves my gadgets, it perhaps even saved my cousin’s life. After a delicious and filling Christmas dinner, my younger cousin and I were driving in the mountains when he went into shock. His autoimmune condition requires immediate attention and unfortunately we were stuck in the middle of nowhere but still had Edge cell phone service. What made things worse was that my iPhone had less than 10% battery life and I had no car charger. My cousin had his ZAGGSparq 2.0 in his bag and i was able to maintain battery life while I called for an ambulance. I would not have been able to keep 911 on the phone to tell me what to do if it wasn’t for the ZAGGsparq. This is an excellent product which saves lives and should be considered for any outing. With full sincerity, thank you so much for pioneering such great products and an amazing company.

Thank you,
[Name Redacted]

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