Hylian Shield Cufflinks from your favorite Zelda

I’ve been on a bit of a nostalgia kick lately, and I’ve needed something to make myself feel young again. What better way than themed french cufflinks.

Protect your wrists from Octorok attacks with these Legend of Zelda Hylian shield cufflinks and be part of an elite few warriors that dual wield shields. Few because the others have perished in battle on the account of not having a weapon.

Every shield is made to order. The picture shows it next to a penny so that you can get a relative view of what it looks like. Every time an order is placed, ohmygeekness custom creates these gorgeous geek accessories.

Ohmygeekness is on “vacation” right now (which is obviously code for her computer is broken. It may be more than 5-7 days before you get your cufflinks, but for certain, when you get them I’ll be plenty jealous.

Until then feel free to barge in and break the pots in her shop for some rupees.

Source: Technabob

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