I Gave My Mom This Ladies iPod Nano Watchband As An Early Mother’s Day Gift


Mothers day is fast approaching and I needed a present for my mom. I had considered a number of gifts,
mostly typical presents: flowers, candy, jewelry, one of those coupons for favors (like setting up her surround sound system, because I was going to do it anyway).

Then I was inspired.

My mom had one of the recalled iPod Nanos, and so hers was replaced with a 6th generation free. I stopped by her house, and she hadn’t even taken it out of the box. She asked if I had a Nano, and I showed her my watch. Then she said it:

Where can I get one of those?

Obviously she didn’t mean a big black rubber band. She meant a ladies iPod Nano watch band. So I started looking online, to no avail. There were some pink rubber watch bands, but nothing any girl with a sense of fashion would wear.

For Special Orders Call

I called a ladies jewelry boutique owner I knew and asked her if she could put together something cute. I was pleasently surprised by the results.

The iLala Watchband

The watch band is interchangeable with other watch faces.

The iLala Watchband is available now on Etsy

. It’s only $35 and I can tell you, because I did extensive research, that it’s one of a kind.

These are hand made, and she can’t make a million of them like the big watch band makers, so if you want one for your wife or mom for Mother’s Day, you better order soon.

My mom loved them

I gave my mom hers early because I didn’t want her to see this post. She has a couple interchangeable watch bands already, and she has been wearing her Nano all week.

Make sure to go check it out!

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