Would You Like An Ice Cream Sandwich With That?

Ice Cream Sandwich is not the first name that comes to mind when I think of Google’s latest operating system, but that is exactly what they decided to nickname the Android 4.0. From enhanced contact menus to improved keyboards, even the most zealous Android users will need to get used to this new operating system.

The first noticeable difference with the new OS is the interface. Android 4.0 is designed to work without buttons. There is no longer a “long press” function attached to the Home and Back buttons, and now there is a sideways swipe to shut down applications to help conserve battery life. There is also an abundance of new tiny tweaks and changes to the Android 4.0, spanning from the continuous blue theme, to the ability to unlock the phone simply by using your face (more novelty than anything else).

The next noticeable different would be the notifications bar. It has been given a functionality overhaul to now include larger information slots (contact photo appears) as well as swipe capabilities to help maintain your information bar. The settings option has also been given a spot on the notification bar so that no matter where you are in the OS you can always go tinker with your phone.

Another new addition would be the dock at the bottom of the screen.  It stays on every home screen and can be altered to contain the applications that you use  most frequently. Widgets have also been changed so that you can now see them on the menu screen without having to actually select them. Overall, Google has done an amazing job with this tasty new release and Android users are absolutely eating it up!

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