If You Got Gadgets For Christmas, Extra Battery Power Is a Must Own

For many of you, it’s very likely that you got at least one mobile device or gadget this holiday season. If that’s the case, I’m going to tell you the one accessory that you must buy:

A ZAGGsparq. If you’re not familiar, ZAGGsparq is a series of battery packs that you can connect your USB-chargable devices to so you can get a little extra juice out of the devices. The ZAGGsparq comes in three different models, a one-charge, two-charge, and four-charge variation (I own the four-charge and frequently am thankful I have the extra capacity.)

I had an experience this week that made me once again very thankful for owning the ZAGGsparq, and it’s what has me as such a big advocate for the product. I was traveling from Seattle to Utah to visit my parents for Christmas, but on the day of travel, I realized I had forgot to charge my HTC One smartphone. To make matters worse, when I’m at the airport I like to use my HTC One as a mobile hotspot, and that is a task that drains my battery like crazy.

I didn’t have to suffer that pit-in-my-stomach feeling of not being able to use my devices as intended, however, as I simply hooked my HTC One and my half-charged iPad Mini up to my ZAGGsparq, put them both in my backpack as I traveled to the airport and went through security, and pulled them out once in the terminal. There I found my phone had almost charged in full, the iPad Mini was filling right up as well, and there was still plenty of charging juice left on the ZAGGsparq. I was able to turn on the mobile hotspot on my phone, leaving it charging on the ZAGGsparq, and browse the web on my iPad without worry while the phone eventually charged to 100 percent.

Oh, I was able to do all this without having to seek out one of those hard-to-find airport power outlets.

So in this respect, if you’re a traveler, a ZAGGsparq is a must.

But I found myself using the little guy constantly while at my parents’ house as well. When charging my phone and iPad, I’d leave them plugged into the ZAGGsparq and simply plug the ZAGGsparq into the wall, letting me charge both devices at once as the ZAGGsparq itself charged up. If I had to hit the road and the devices weren’t fully charged, I could simply remove the ZAGGsparq from the outlet and keep the devices charging as I went on the go.

You just can’t beat the convenience. So while there are a lot of accessories that are important to get for your mobile devices, one that I think gets overlooked sometimes but can be incredibly useful is this power pack. It’ll change the way you charge forever.

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