Do you like group pictures of people clapping? Then maybe Snap Clap is for you

Do you like group pictures of people clapping? Yeah? Then maybe Snap Clap is for you.

Timer camera apps have been around for a while. In fact, I have a few on my phone. Snap Clap takes a new approach:

Clap On, Clap Off

With Snap Clap, you can set your iPhone somewhere and rejoin your friends and family for a group picture you would have otherwise missed – no one has to miss the photo to actually take the picture.

Of course, you have to clap your hands. That means that when the app takes a picture your hands will be clapped together. The other option is to set a timer that starts once you clap your hands. But then, why not just set a longer timer?
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There are also a few basic editing tools and filters, including negative, sepia, and grayscale, that you can use after you’ve taken the photos. Sharing photos using Facebook, Twitter, or email is also possible from within the app.

The app is pretty cheap and it has pretty high reviews in iTunes. Check it out, at $.99 it’s a pretty cheap new feature for your phone.

Source: Chipchick

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