If You Need To Split A Check Or Pay A Friend With A Credit Card, Check Out These Apps

I have recently spent some time testing three different “pay on the go” apps.  These apps make life so much easier. You can use them if you don’t have cash, need to pay back a friend with a credit card, or are at a restaurant that doesn’t split the bill. Some banks allow you to do this already, but what’s great about these apps is that they work with any bank.


I think most people hear PayPal and immediately think “eBay”. I know that’s how I used to be, but because most people have used eBay at some point in time they already have this set up.

All you need is the email address and you are good to go.  There is no fee if you pay through “Friends or Family”, but if you pay across borders there may be a fee added.  It’s so easy.  When I had the rent paid to me this way, it took 2 days from “withdrawing” it from PayPal before it was in my account.

The app also has a “Near me” option you can click to see vendors near you that accept payment via PayPal, and some of them offer discounts.

The PayPal app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows.


You can link to your Facebook account to make it easier for you to find your friends, and unless you mark it as “private” then your payments to others are displayed on a newsfeed. You can also add a location for where you were when you split the bill for lunch with your friend.  I have found that while PayPal is older and more established, most people I know are more likely to use Venmo. At this point I still don’t know why.

If you connect your bank account via the routing number and pay via “Friends and Family”, there are no fees.  There is a 3% fee if you pay via credit card or with certain debit cards.  When I cashed out my money from Venmo, it was in my account the next day.

Venmo is available for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry.


I use Groupme all the time. Instead of mass group texts, use this chat room style app that you can use through your phone or the website. Recently they added the feature of being able to pay for the activities you are planning in the groups.

It’s pretty genius. Create a group for the Barbecue on Friday and have everybody chip in for the supplies.  The more people that “chip in” the lower the cost for everybody, and nobody is charged until the person who created the bill “collects”.

I really love the idea of this.  There is a fee of 99 cents plus 4% for those making the payments but not those collecting.  This is a great option for splitting the cost when you have large groups chipping in to dinner, parties, wedding gifts, road trips, and much more.

Groupme is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows. If you don’t have a smart phone you can use the group text feature via SMS or the website.

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