In 1993 These AT&T Commercials Predicted The Future Of Technology With Amazing Accuracy [VIDEO]

Back in the 90′s when computers and technology seemed to be on the cusp of something great, AT&T made a few predictions.  I wish I could say my predictions for the future were as accurate.  My childlike mind, built on technology from The Jetson’s, forecasted a robot slot by my front door, so that when I returned home from school, I could order any desired dish and receive it within seconds.  Seriously, think how amazing that would be? I’m not ready to give up hope. I just want it in my kitchen, by my couch, and at my office as well.  And I’ll still need a Rosie for dishes.

Either way, it’s a good thing AT&T had a little more realism behind their peek into the future.  No DeLoreans here.  Watch the mashup of 30 second spots and among them you’ll see Kindle-like products, video conferencing, car navigation, and even opening a door with your voice.  A few of them are a bit of a stretch.  I guess faxing and pay phones seemed irreplaceable at the time.


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