Infographic: Should you use Twitter?

I have a confession to make.

I am NOT addicted to Twitter.

The thing is, I’ve tried Twitter. I have an account (@rachelpaulich, if you really want to know), and it’s kinda fun sometimes. There are some cool people on there and a lot of really interesting, funny, and helpful things. But…I just don’t think I have that much to say or have the time/brainspace to listen to what so many others have to say. One of my fellow ZAGG bloggers wrote a post recently on why he does like Twitter, which is awesome.  Maybe I can learn a few things from him and start leveraging Twitter a little more in my life.

Earlier today I actually came across this little infographic from Flowtown and I love it (oh, Pinterest, you’ve done it again). I feel like it was made for me because I’m constantly asking myself if I should be using Twitter more or not.  For my Twitter-confused brothers and sisters out there, check out this nifty flowchart and see what you come up with:

So, what’s the verdict?  Is Twitter your bag?  Or are you simply trying to stalk celebrities and share pictures of your lunch? Tell us where your true Twitter allegiances lie in the comments.

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