Invisible car “spotted” on the streets of Germany

It’s like Harry Potter crossing over into the muggle world.

An invisible car has been spotted (kind of) rolling around the streets of Germany. As part of a slick marketing campaign for the new Mercedes-Benz F-cell vehicle, advertisers decided to do the opposite of what normally makes sense for a car commercial. Instead of placing the car front and center, all shiny and flashy for all to admire, they decided to cloak it with invisibility. Why? The F-cell is a hydrogen powered automobile that has zero emissions, making it practically “invisible” to the environment.

The clever commercial was made by attaching a mat of LEDs along one side of a vehicle and then mounting a video-shooting Canon 5D Mark II SLR camera on the other side to project the image to the LEDS, giving the illusion of a see-through or invisible car.

While the Mercedes F-cell is real- it’s rumored to be put into production sometime in 2014- the invisible factor is not, so don’t get all excited about being able to park wherever you want and blowing the speed limit away. In the meantime, check out the cool commercial for the innovative new car and people’s reactions to it:

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