Invisible Speakers use your screen to make sound

One of my favorite new technologies is the invisible speaker.

Developed by Emo Labs, the invisible speakers create sound by vibrating a thin membrane that is located on device’s screen.

Check out the original demo video:

Improved mobile devices

Because of this, the speakers occupy very little space in the device’s design – leaving more room for other things like bigger batteries and processors. This also means that manufacturers don’t have to leave a space for sound to escape from an internal speaker.

Better audio quality

The invisible speakers claim to have very high-quality audio.The speakers still produce stereo audio.

When will this come out?

Sadly, invisible speakers were demonstrated at a TED conference over two years ago. News about the invisible speakers hasn’t appeared much since then.

In fact, it doesn’t look like the EmoLabs website has changed at all. They have a twitter account… with 1 follower, and protected tweets.

Perhaps the technology is facing limitations with touch screens. Who knows.

WiTricity was revealed at about the same time, and it’s starting to see progress. In fact, the University of Utah aims to deploy wirelessly charged buses.

So what’s holding them back? Will invisible speakers technology ever be released? If so, when?

If not, it would be a tragedy.

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