iOS 6 Maps is so bad that even the fanboys are haters

The Apple Maps criticism has reached a fever pitch we haven’t seen since Antennagate. This maps issue is arguably much worse — after all, there wasn’t ever anything actually wrong with the antenna of the iPhone 4.

Tim Cook has spoken to the people. The App Store has a highlighted ‘Find Maps for your iPhone’ section, with a list of 13 alternative mapping applications available for download. And even the biggest of Apple Fanboys are piling on the criticism. Well… some of them are.

Here are just a few examples.

There are many, many more.

David Pogue

Pogue paints a great picture of the real Maps problem. The data isn’t there. Sure Apple added turn-by-turn voice navigation. Sure Apple added beautiful vector tiles. Do those things matter when the data they point to is incorrect?

He advises that you just don’t use the Apple Maps app if you need to actually use the app to get from point A to point B.

If you can wait a couple of months, you’ll be able to install Google’s own maps app; Google is busily readying one for the iPhone and iPad.

Finally, of course, you could just get an Android phone.

But if you’re an iPhone owner, it’s probably best to let Apple’s Maps app ripen in a corner for a while. Apple’s Web site may call it “the most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever.” But for now, it’s best considered “the most beautiful, entertainingly addled mapping service ever.”

Jean-Louis Gassee

He’s not as harsh as Pogue. In fact, he seems to think that Apple did an awful job with Maps, but that was expected. The real problem, to Gassee, is that Apple didn’t set clear expectations for Maps.

The ridicule that Apple has suffered following the introduction of the Maps application in iOS 6 is largely self-inflicted. The demo was flawless, 2D and 3D maps, turn-by-turn navigation, spectacular flyovers…but not a word from the stage about the app’s limitations, no self-deprecating wink, no admission that iOS Maps is an infant that needs to learn to crawl before walking, running, and ultimately lapping the frontrunner, Google Maps. Instead, we’re told that Apple’s Maps may be “the most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever.”

Let’s just hope a fully mature Maps won’t take as long as it took to transform MobileMe into iCloud.

Jim Dalrymple

Okay, not all Apple Fanboys are piling on criticism. Some of them are just too blind to see anything wrong with anything that Apple does. Jim doesn’t think Apple Maps has any issues and claims that ‘Report a problem with iOS 6 Maps’ is a:

Good idea if you can do it.


The Maps app in iOS 6 is lacking. Seems to me it’s a great test to weed out the bloggers and writers who can be objective, and the ones who are shills. Some of these Apple fanboys have shown they can call out the big company when it fails, some have shown they are no better than a doting teenage lover.

Joshua Howland

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