iOS 6 Maps: Seems legit. Or does it?

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One of the big new features touted by Apple in iOS 6 is their own homebrew Maps app. When you upgrade, the previous Maps app is removed. 24 hours into it, the reactions have been mixed.

I’ll be using it in the car today as I travel, so I’ll have more to report later. In the meantime, from what I’ve seen so far, I tend to agree with Brian Hough, who writes:

“So for any concerned consumers out there – yes, there is a lot wrong with the new iOS 6 Maps app. The rumors are true, you certainly won’t be getting the same experience as before – and the new experience might largely be inferior. [...]“

Read the rest of Brian’s post here.

You might notice in the image above, Apple’s flagship U.S. store at the corner of 5th Avenue and 59th Street in New York City, there are plenty of anomalies. Part of the image appears in 3D, while other parts of it (cars, people, tables, chairs, fountains, greenery) is flat.

Like every new product Apple builds, it’ll get better with time. While you wait, this Tumblr page has some funny oopsie daisies from all over the world, and these two Twitter accounts, @ios6maps and @fake_ios6maps, have some funny anecdotes.

What do you think of iOS 6 Maps? I’d like to hear your feedback. Tweet me and let me know.


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