iOS 7 “Today” Feature Takes Direct Aim at Google Now

It could be argued that Apple’s latest WWDC consisted entirely of answering criticism and competition. That is not necessarily a bad thing, just signals that Apple is listening and is not going to let many things get past them. That was definitely evident with the introduction of the “Today” tab that can be accessed in the notification center in Apple’s latest beta, iOS 7.

The tab is essentially a summary of your upcoming day: appointments, birthdays, weather and traffic for frequented routes to name a few. Users have even unveiled that the tab will suggest going to bed a bit early if you have many meetings with one of them earlier than usual.

This predictive agenda model may sound familiar and that is because it partially is. Google introduced Google Now, their answer to “Siri” in 2012 that boasts “information you need throughout your day, before you even ask.” This is obviously a shot at Apple’s digital assistant, Siri as any information you want from her, you need to ask first.

“Today” and “Siri” still have a ways to go to catch up to Google Now; the service that suggests nearby restaurants around lunch time, find out if a flight is on time, etc.. The introduction of “Today” however shows that they are in the fight.