iPad 2 review: Is it a Batman Mask?

When I was little, oh, five or six or so, I was obsessed with Batman. One day in the heart of the Halloween season, I found a genuine rubber Batman mask (circa Michael Keaton) at Toys R Us for a whopping $50. That amount might as well have been thousands at that age, but nevertheless, with scrimping and saving, I finally earned enough money to obtain this awesome mask.

What does this have to do with the iPad 2? Well, let me tell you. I got a lot of good natured flak from members of my family for spending so much money on something that I really wanted but probably would never really use. To this day, the phrase “it’s a Batman mask” is in the lexicon of my family to refer to anything that is 1. expensive 2. not worth the money.

I recently decided it was time for me to pick up an iPad 2. For months I had been pondering whether I should get a tablet. I’d even written an article about my conundrum and analyzed my life to see if its usage could really be justified. I mean, it seemed great but I of course did not want a “Batman mask” on my hands. In the end I decided I had the money and I may not be able to justify the “need” of it, but it would be more of a hobby or toy to continue my nerdiness. Whether it was a Batman mask was yet to be determined.

I’ve had the iPad 2 for about 2 and a 1/2 weeks and honestly it has been a bit of a roller coaster ride. I have an iPhone 4 as well as a MacBook Pro so at first I felt pretty glutenous. ‘Which device to use’ was my constant question and I felt that the iPad 2 had disrupted my routine. Once I got over my usual ‘buyers remorse’ however, I found niches that the iPad filled that I really didn’t realize had been there. It has been great to be able to do deeper, more purposeful reading that is hard to do on a smart phone or laptop. I’ve enjoyed how surprisingly effective it can be in terms of email and Facebook sifting and find I am more productive in terms of more intense working on it than I would have imagined. Its slick profile is great for meetings where before a laptop was a sore thumb and cumbersome. I’ve found it is a great family device as well as my wife enjoys editing photos and casual browsing while my 19 month old daughter loves the songs and games that can be played on it.

Final verdict? Honestly, I’m still trying to decide. It is an interesting gadget as its usefulness has grown on me over the weeks as if it is putty filling in my nerdy gaps. Sure it was expensive and I probably don’t need it, but I’m definitely using it a lot more than I am using the Batman mask that is still stored at my parents house.

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    I have had mine for about the same amount of time. However, I do not have the iPhone 4 nor do I have a MacBook Pro. I do have an iMac that I use for work. The iPad 2 has been a great addition to my tech. I went back and forth as you did on my decision to purchase the device. The ultimate decision maker for me was the ability to not work on design files at home. I can still answer email, invoice and other administrative things on the device without a computer. I think it’s a great device for those that don’t have or need all the tech at home that they have access to at their offices. Mind you, I still find myself getting ideas down on the Moleskin App, but it is far from sitting down in front of the computer and blowing out an entire design.

    I agree with you that it is great for meetings. I use the ZAGGmate for a keyboard and it is great. I used the iPad at a meeting last week and jotted down notes and a quick logo idea. I was able to bring up sample images to show the client. It was quick and easy to get all the info from the meeting down. Additionally, people think it looks cool. I think it’s a great tool for people that need tech without needing a computer.