iPad 2 Smart Cover+ZAGG invisibleSHIELD=Match made in Protection Heaven

As noted yesterday, I recently joined the masses and picked up an iPad 2. With that glossy screen and pristine aluminum, protection for the device was something that I pondered about for a while. I wanted something that didn’t get in the way, that still preserved the look and feel that Apple intended, but still gave it overall protection for the inevitable accident in the form of a scrape or scratch.

When Apple announced the iPad 2, I was immediately intrigued with the device’s Smart Cover. Its accordion flap that snaps off and on with power magnets was something I had not quite seen before…but wanted. Since purchasing the Smart Cover (grey polyurethane) people  I encounter seem to be more impressed with it than the iPad 2 itself. I love the ability to be able to lift open the flap to have my iPad immediately turn on and resume where I was. The folding of the cover into a sturdy stand for typing and table top browsing works surprisingly well and you can usually adjust to an appropriate angle to get the job done. Probably the best part about the Smart Cover is the ability to get rid of it when you want. I went through a naive period where I was annoyed while reading for a while to have to hold the cover behind the device as it doesn’t stick there, but merely flaps and gets in the way. When the obvious hit me that that is why they have it magnetically attached. I quickly snapped it off and set it aside for when I was done reading my eBook. Think of it as more of a sleeve than a permanent cover and you will go far. The one downside to the iPad 2′s smart cover though is the fact that it only really acts as 1/2 of a sleeve. The entire back, the part that really encounters the elements, is exposed. Enter ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD.

As mentioned earlier, I really wanted to maintain the true shape of the iPad 2 as much as I could. I didn’t want to bulk up the thin profile that the company managed to achieve. I’m unusually careful (my wife would say obsessive) about not dropping my gadgets, so I didn’t need so much “dropping” protection than I needed scraping protection. I even was so foolish as to go about a week with no back cover, babying it as much as I could, only to get a large scratch on the back from a tiny grain of some sort of debris. This meant it was time for me to apply ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD. The application went good and now I have the back of the device covered as well without needing to worry about invisible granulars and unforgiving surfaces. The invisibleSHIELD adds a bit of a grip to the device which actually improves overall handling.

This is my protection configuration and overall I’ve been really happy with it. The front Smart Cover gives protection and functionality to the device while the invisibleSHIELD offers exactly what its name implies.

What is your protection set up for your tablet? What works for you? Sound off in the comments…

Image Sources: Apple.com + ZAGG.com = ExodusPodcasts.com

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  • http://twitter.com/whitestripesnet Brian

    I have the exact same set up. Smart Cover, and Invisibleshield on the front and back. Pure perfection!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rdehavenl Richard DeHaven

    Great Combo! Though My thought is that the LeatherSkin for iPad2+SmartCover, will be the King! Hopefully they will announce Leatherskin for iPad 2 soon

  • http://twitter.com/Draigg Draigg Phillips

    For Nirvana in Heaven with a Cherry on top, after you get a full body ZAGG Invisible Shield on your iPad 2, get the ZAGG Logitech keyboard for iPad 2 and cover it with an awesome custom ZAGG Skin! Ommmmmm….

  • Coupons_from_heaven

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  • Twillisrdh

    I have the same set up and love it. I decided against the Zagg screen cover for now since the Smart Cover is usually on my iPad 2. I have noticed the Invisible Shield does pick up smudges on the back (which I’ve yet to be able to remove) and which make the iPad look dirty, but they are still better than scratches. I definitely like the little bit of tackiness. The iPad 2 is super slick on the back!

    • RVT

      I have the IPAD leather smart cover to be honest nice protection of screen but not really good dollar value. Added full body Zagg skin, easiesy install to date comported to Iphone 4 and my Macbook Pro. I added the Zag logitech keyboard typing on it now and like this the best added personal label under zagg skin on back with email and cell and covered it with zagg skin. luv it not slippery easier to hold and luv the fact i have a hard cover with the keyboard inside/ very thin but feel its more protracted now but not bulky. need adaptor to plug keyboard to ipad2. Just note you need to figure out when keyboard keys work on certain functions and apps on the ipad

  • Wsamuelson

    I added a Zagg InvisibleSHIELD before I left the store and use a Targus leather cover and find both work well together.

  • Adam

    Unless you have a white ipad 2 and a dark color Smart Cover…  Then you get discoloration around the edges that make it look horrible :(

  • Adam Bray

    I would like to agree with your article as I do like Zagg and the Smart Cover for the iPad 2, but I have a major issue with the combo. I have a White iPad 2 and a Black Leather Smart Cover with Zagg on both the front and back. The white areas on my iPad 2 now look horrible because the Black from the Smart Cover is wearing off on the Zagg shield :(. Not my iPad 2 looks horrible and I have to replace either the Zagg shield or the Smart Cover (go with one that is a lighter color).

    Any ideas on how I can clean the discoloration off?

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    Good report! What theme have you been working with? Appears really great.