iPad 2 Will Have a Camera?! Who Cares…

Everyday I am flooded with reports about how the iPad 2 is going to have a camera. Every report seems to have gotten hold of some blueprint of the new iPad that is so “top secret” that  it makes it sound like they had to break into Fort Know to get a hold of it. I know that trying to be the first to identify all of Apple’s new technology is very important to some people, but recently I thought “do I really care if the iPad has a camera”.

Let’s be honest people, if you have an iPad, you probably are sporting some type of smart-phone or iPod Touch to go along with it. My guess is that 99% of people who jump in line to buy the iPad 2 when it is released will already have some form of mobile devices that takes decent pictures. So, why does it matter that the iPad 2 will have a camera? Odds are that the image quality is not going to be much better than your phone or other device, if it is even better at all.

Personally, the appeal of an iPad is not so I can capture once-in-a-lifetime images that happen while I am least suspecting. If that does happen, I’ll have my phone with me, so it will be no big deal. An iPad however, is the larger equivalent of my iPhone, and a slightly smaller equivalent of my laptop. Do I care that my laptop doesn’t take pictures? No, because I don’t use my laptop for those things. I’ve never been driving along when I came upon a beautiful sunset and thought “better get out my laptop to take a picture”, nor will I do the same with an iPad. That beautiful sunset is captured in by my iPhone, which fits nicely in my pocket, and is easy to access and use.

So, while I am sure that the iPad 2 is going to be an awesome advancement of the iPad, I couldn’t care less about whether or not it boasts a camera. Frankly, I think it is a waste of technology and could be better fashioned with something more useful, maybe a bottle opener or a winch. You give me an iPad that opens my beer/soda while I’m using it, I’ll be an Apple fan for life. Regardless, I’ll probably be  one of the first in line when the iPad 2 comes out, but not for the camera, just because I am a nerd like that. So, please stop filling my news feed with information about the iPad 2’s camera, and fill it with something of importance, like Sarah Palin’s social life.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/TheTux2 Josh Reetz

    If it is a front facing camera then you could do video chats on your iPad finally.

  • MC

    YES I DO CARE!! the main reason for a camera is for webcamming. And yes, we probably not gonna take pics with the camera on the back of the ipad, but think of it this way, if you are holding the ipad with you, and something or someone famous pass by you, you probably wont have the time to put the ipad away, take the a camera/phone out and then snap a pic… not saying it will happen, but its good to have the option when something like that happens..;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/CheekySweetie Angel Smith

    It’s simply for ease of use that I would like a camera on my iPad. I’m in college and raising a family, so just the simple option to photograph notes or book pages for later review would be amazing. I have a shiny new Dropbox account though, so maybe utilizing that service will make it easier. For now, I email myself any photo I need to move to my iPad.

  • Caroline Benton

    I think the front camera will be more useful than the camera on the back. This will become the video-conferencing machine.

  • Neongene

    I dont’ care about an outward facing camera, taking pictures with an iPad will be a quite hard. But a front facing camera? yes I do want, Facetime is fantastic.

  • CDuffie

    Could care less. I have several digital camera, IPhone 4, etc. I need to slow down on “The biggest, the best” …I got the original IPad afterall. I have the Apple Connection kit for a camera if needbe (though it is suffering the usual “not working this release” from the same people that introduced it…

  • Anonymous

    A front facing camera for video calls would be important. A rear facing camera, not so much. Either way, I don’t care. I will more than likely pick up whatever tablet HP/Palm release. webOS for life!!!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_34USDZMGVWN3JN7PPMH3ZRUL44 ShaunM

    The camera is going to be huge.. they are used for far more than just taking pictures. There is the possibility of facetime on the ipad (which would be awesome) as well as the ability to add another level of interactivity to applications/software.

  • Janet

    My enthusiasm is for same reason as Angel Smith. I photograph pages of syllabus and cute study sheets to reference and use while teaching piano without having to scan or type in. Would be great to skip the emailing from iPhone step. I’ll probably let iPhone go when contract is up. IPad has honestly changes how I live and teach.

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  • Glenda

    I wish they could add to my iPad 1 — but I’ll just have to trade up! COOL.

  • http://dinkerandgiggles.com Alaina Frederick

    I was just using my iPad today to Skype with a friend in Brazil. I wish it had a camera as to let her see how the kids have grown. That’s why I am looking forward to a camera on the iPad. Sure I could use my laptop but it’s much easier to have the iPad and carry it around the house while I chat with her. Sure I could use the iPod that I gave to my husband but I don’t need that many gadgets. As for “picture” taking I never use my phone or any of those devices. I always have my dSLR with me and at the ready at all times.

  • Roselynn

    I will buy one when it has a camera.

    • Max

      It does

  • Dan-jew

    Your dumb, thats only your opinion, and its the worst opinion ever

  • http://www.facebook.com/tyler.rasmusson Tyler Rasmusson

    What about Facetime? I think having a front facing camera on the ipad will be a huge selling point. Apple is trying to integrate Facetime into all of their devices, and it is definitely going to take off once it gets into more hands :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tri-Ho/100000726432936 Tri Ho

    Face time and camera always useful unless KEVIN F Don’t have any friends to share picture with :P

  • edannaio

    I care, because it eliminates an additional something to have to carry. Also, if you want to use the pad for Skype, it makes it that much easier. Is it a make or break feature? No. Would I say no to it though, absolutely not.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1230507504 Colin Oliver

    It totally matters!!!! that is the thing that the iPad is laccking most. Just think of high quality facetime, photo and video editing on that big of a screen. And Photobooth!!!!

  • Efarms20

    It’s not about the picture-taking as much as it is about the facetime… in my professional opinion.

  • Dawn

    I’d love to have an ipad…and one with a camera would be even better. :) (I am a photographer afterall so added benefit)

  • snowman

    Your a bit of a wanker Kevin F. Of course we want a front facing camera!

    • snowman


  • Dsss

    Silly article…front facing camera. Who cares about pictures on an iPad.

  • Xandrios

    A front facing camera would be most welcome. Perfect for Skype or FaceTime. Taking pics should, of course, be done with a proper camera. Or maybe phone for a quick snap.

  • JaimeJ

    I understand that the future inbuilt camera on he Ipad has nothing to be with taking photos or videos. It’s just another element for video calls.

  • Cfai84

    Actually I do agree with this. Who has an iphone 4 that actually spent time using facetime more than any other activities… if you do, then I really recommend doing something else… unless you really are a family person facetiming to your distanced parents or your lover.

  • http://twitter.com/DutchbrosLuv Linda Davison

    Yes a camera on the iPad a plus! ♥

  • Hwfitzjr

    Having a camera is great in the iTouch, I would like to have one in my iPad.

  • http://twitter.com/csflwr Jake -

    I think they should have put the 720p cam in the front and the VGA/1.3mp one in the back, because who wants to use a 10 inch thing as a camera! Except for video chat and Photobooth type stuff.

  • Nick

    What is Fort Know?

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