iPad Mini announcement was timed perfectly to undermine Surface presales

Timing of events:

There is always speculation about the timing of announcements and events. Just before Apple held their event to show off iOS 6, Google had a maps event. The tech press assumed it was in response to Google Maps getting pulled from Apple’s OS.

Yesterday Microsoft opened up preorders for the Surface tablet. They’re starting the price at a very respectable $499. Everyone online was talking about the Surface for at least an hour, maybe a bit more.

Then came the Apple news:

Just one hour after Surface details are released, Apple sends out a notice that it will have a media announcement on October 23, which is likely the iPad Mini. So the speculation continues for another week.

While we wait for Apple to announce it’s newest products, which certainly will include an iPad Mini, and may or may not include a Retina MacBook Pro and MacMini, we will continue to read our rumor sites, and make our predictions. Apple’s announcement certainly pulled quite a bit of attention away from the Microsoft product launch, and their very well done commercial.

Will the iPad Mini be all it’s cracked up to be?

Source: cnet

Joshua Howland

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