iPhone 5 Camera Vs. HTC One Camera [PHOTOS]

The fine folks at iMore have put together a great comparison showing off the camera capabilities of Apple’s iPhone 5 and the brand spanking new HTC One. If you’re considering the HTC One for your next phone and you take a lot of pictures (who doesn’t, these days?), you’ll find yourself scrutinizing these photos.

To make sure any pre-conceived bias you have doesn’t cloud your judgement on which phone takes the better photos, I won’t tell you which photo (right or left) was taken with each phone until the very end of this post. I’ve grabbed just a few of the photos iMore originally posted, so if you find yourself undecided and scratching your head, the link to their post is also at the end of this post.

Well, what’d you think?

If you said the photos on the left look better, they were taken with the iPhone 5. The photos on the right were taken with the HTC One. You can view the rest of iMore’s photo comparisons, including a couple panoramic images, on their site, here.


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[Source: iMore]

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