iPhone 5 Event: iTunes updated and available in October

A new version of iTunes is coming in October. The interface is updated, and features are added. It’s a big step for Apple, it’s just not clear if it’s

A new interface

Is a new sexy interface what iTunes needed? Probably not, but it got one anyway. Eddy Cue announced on stage at the iPhone 5 event that iTunes for the desktop will borrow from the mobile experience and update the interface.

iTunes will pick up a slick new design that focuses on big graphics and simplified elements. There is a new mini-player that lets you search for your music, and UI candy that looks like iOS.

The bloated cow

The real issue with iTunes is that it handles far too much: yncing with the iPods, the music store, the app store, management of playlists, iTunes in the cloud. The Mac App store is fresh and clean and works so well because it’s so compact. On the devices each store and player is it’s own application.

They didn’t fix this problem this time around, we’ll see if it’s coming in the future.

Even more features

Ping isn’t quite gone yet: Artists are now able to share photos in users’ iTunes libraries alongside tracks, and there’s plenty of new ways of interacting with your music and the iTunes Store.

The new iTunes takes advantage of iCloud so that you can download and keep content in sync between devices.

It won’t be available until October to test out. We’ll see if the new interface makes it feel slightly less bloated.

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