Rumor: T-Mobile Blacks Out Employee Vacation for Sep. 20th iPhone Launch

If history is anything to go by, we’ll see Apple’s latest iPhone launch on Friday, September 20th. We’ve heard for a while that Apple plans to announce the iPhone 5S and possible iPhone 5C on September 10th at an event in San Francisco. Looking at every previous year since the iPhone 3G, the actual public release always happens a week and a half later, the following Friday.

This year, September 10th falls on a Tuesday, and the following Friday is September 20th. New rumors from TmoNews indicate T-Mobile has blacked out employee vacation days starting starting that day, throughout the weekend. As we’ve seen happen before with other carriers, launch day and launch weekend sales are through the roof, as iPhone users waiting for an upgrade are camped out the night before. In fact, most Apple stores and carrier stores are all but sold out after just the first day.

As of right now, although none of this has officially been confirmed by Apple, I’d wager serious money on a September 10th announcement date and a September 20th release date for the iPhone 5S and possibly the iPhone 5C. I also wouldn’t hold my breath on seeing new iPads at this event. Instead, I’d bet those will come in October, with plenty of time to get them on the shelves before the holiday shopping season. As always, I’ll keep you posted.


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