Up Close And Personal With The iPhone 5s [Gallery]

I know I said I wasn’t going to be reviewing the iPhone 5s, but enough of you have pinged me about it on Twitter anyway, I decided to throw in the towel of resistance and go with it. Some of you wanted to know if it was worth the upgrade. Others told me one way or another that it was or wasn’t. But, the one thing most of you wanted to know more than anything else was whether or not the iPhone 5s camera was largely improved or much the same from the iPhone 5. Being the photo buff that I am, curiosity got the best of me and well, I went and picked up an iPhone 5s tonight. I even activated it on my primary number to force myself to use it.

iPhone 5s - Space Gray - Box

So, this will be the first of several posts to come this week answering your questions and giving you insight to hopefully answer the resounding question: is the iPhone 5s worth the upgrade? If you have anything specific you’d like to know, feel free to tweet me as well: @mbchp.

Earlier today, we released two new videos on our YouTube channel. iPhones were harmed in the making of both of them. One was an iPhone 5s and the other was an iPhone 5c. If there’s any question in your mind as to whether or not you need an invisibleSHIELD, these videos will put those questions to rest.

I’ve had the iPhone 5s for only a few hours, so I don’t have much to share just yet. But, I wanted to give you an idea what was coming and share some up close macro images of the iPhone 5s. I got all up in its business for these.


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  • Ricky Green

    I am still waiting on my gold 5s but have seen video of the slow motion feature and it appears to sound like stretched audio in slow motion. try some sound effects in slow motion and see what you can do with stretched audio.

  • John

    Why would or should I trade in my droid Galaxynote 2 smart phone for an iPhone 5s? Not sure what I would be giving up or gaining with an iPhone.

    • vampyren

      I have both iphone5 and Galaxy S4 so i use both but going to iOS its much more closed but more easy to use i think. But i prefer android these days, its just so much more open and it feels i can do much more, hard to put in words but when i use my iphone it just feels claustrophobic :) Also i hate not having Swypekey its a major reason i love my android plus a filesystem and SD card and many other small things….

  • Nate Kainaku Esteban

    This isn’t a review as much as it is a sale pitch. We all know the shield is a good product we wanted to know if the 5S was!

    • LupineMP3j

      He said the review is coming. xD He also said the invisibleSHIELD thing was separate from the actual review….