Here’s A Look At The Cost Of An iPhone 5s Around The World


Here in the U.S., you can purchase a 16 GB iPhone 5S for $649 unlocked and without a carrier contract. The rest of the world typically buys their phones this way; that is, devoid from lengthy, restrictive contracts. There’s no such thing as an “upgrade” with a subsidized handset. We’ve seen T-Mobile go that way with their “Uncarrier” strategy, while still allowing customers to break up the full price of their device with installment payments.

If you consider the $649 cost to be high, take a look at what customers in other countries pay. This website, Mobile Unlocked, gives you a good idea. Here are a few examples.

In South Korea, the same 16 GB iPhone 5s will set you back an extra $100, coming in at $757 before taxes.

In France, it’ll cost you back $801 USD (before tax).

In Italy, you’re looking at $807 USD, also before tax.

The country where customers pay the most? Jordan. There, at 16 GB iPhone 5s costs an astounding $940 USD before tax, and nearly $1,100 with tax.

You can view the full list of iPhone 5s prices around the world, converted to U.S. Dollars, here.


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