These Are The First Leaked Photos Of iPhone 6


Well folks, it’s that time again. The Apple rumor mill has sprung its first leak in anticipation of the next iPhone, what many believe will be called the iPhone 6. These images come via an anonymous Twitter user, @mornray886, who tweeted them yesterday afternoon.

The photos purportedly show an iPhone 6 from various angles, including an easily identifiable gold model with Touch ID, Apple’s fingerprint reader built into the Home button. From the images, it’s also apparent the screen size has been increased. MacRumors did some calculations and arrived at 4.7 inches. If that’s indeed the case, this will be the device we’ve all been waiting for.

Also noticeable from the images: a redesigned body, which would line up with all previous reiterations of the iPhone. Starting with the iPhone 3G, Apple has kept the exterior design for two life cycles. The iPhone 3G and 3Gs shared the same design, while the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s shared an updated design, and most recently, the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s have shared the same exterior. Following this pattern, the redesigned body for the iPhone 6 should be expected.

You can also make out an elongated camera flash, consistent with the dual LED flash that Apple began including with the iPhone 5s. We’d expect to see that persist in future generations, as well, and these images give credence to that.

What do you think? If this ended up being the way the iPhone 6 looks, including a larger screen, will you throw down a few Benjamins to get one later this year? Currently, the anticipation is around September or October for the iPhone 6 to make its big debut. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.






[Source: @mornray886]


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